Govee RGBIC Striplights - Taking RGB Home Illumination to the Next Level

August 9, 2022

RGB (a.k.a. Red/Green/Blue) LED lighting is a great, eco-friendly way to provide low-cost home illumination that suits your mood. However, we’re here to talk to you about the next step in the evolution of RGB lighting and it comes in the form of Govee Trademarked RGBIC striplights that offer the same convenient, home lighting, but with an array of new smart features.


At Govee, we have taken RGB LED strip lighting technology and added a number of app-controlled smart features that turn conventional RGB strip lights into something so much more intuitive and versatile. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the additional features you get when you invest in a set of Govee RGBIC strip lights.


Additional Feature #1 - The Independent Control Chip (IC)


As effective as standard RGB strip lights are, the function they offer is very limited. Sure, they can be set to your color of preference, however, they can only display one colour at a time. Govee RGBIC strip lights on the other hand contain an IC or Independent Control Chip that allows multiple colors to be displayed simultaneously.


This IC makes Govee RGBIC lights so much versatile, allowing you to create the precise color combination required using the Govee Smartphone app.


Additional Feature #2 - The Segmented Control Function


Unlike traditional RGB striplights which are typically one complete unit, Govee RGBIC striplights are divided up into 15 separe segments. Each segment can be controlled centrally, with each one able to create a different color of illumination at the same time.


This means that you have fine control over each part of your striplight, making it suitable for a range of additional purposes, such as party lighting. Many are surprised by just how many uses Govee RGBIC striplights have because of this segmented control function.


Additional Feature #3 - Music Mode


Another great thing about our RGBIC striplights is something called ‘Music Mode’. This is a feature also shared by standard RGB striplights that causes illumination to synchronise in time with whatever music you’re playing at the time. This is a fantastic feature for home discos or for simply enhancing your enjoyment of music in your bedroom or living room.


So, how is this an extra feature then?” we hear you say, well, we’re glad you asked. Music Mode on Govee RGBIC striplights comes with some groovy new additional modes. ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Mild’ modes are settings that are suited to whatever the type of ambient music that’s playing. Dynamic mode is for strong and lively music, whereas mild is ideal for soft music. These extra functions allow our RGBIC striplights to more accurately respresent the mood you’re trying to does additional feature #4!


Additional Feature #4 - Lighting Effects


Another great additional feature you’ll get when investing in Govee RGBIC striplights is a range of lighting effects. As well as features like Music Mode, you get to select from a number of preset lighting effects that include Movie, Chasing, Crossing, Romantic, Candlelight, Energetic, Snowflake, Breathe and more.


Thanks to the Govee app, selecting each mode is a quick and easy process, usually involving just a couple of taps on your smartphone’s screen. So, whatever mood or effect you’re going for in your home, your intended illumination is only ever a few moments away.


Additional Feature #5 - The Govee Home App


We’ve left perhaps the biggest difference between RGB and RGBIC strip lights to last and that’s because we’re talking about the Govee Home App. This is the interface that you’ll use to centrally adjust all of your RGBIC lighting functions and it puts full control of everything in one easy to access location.


Download the App for Free!


Once you’ve purchased your Govee strip lights, you’ll be pleased to know that using them and all of their exciting functions won’t cost you a cent. That’s because the app mentioned above is completely free and available for both iPhones and Android smartphone handsets.


All that’s required is for you to visit either the Apple Store or Google Play Store, enter ‘Govee Home’ into the search box and download the official Govee Home app when it appears. The best place to do this is at home via your home’s WiFi connection, as this way, downloading the app will not cost you anything in terms of data charges.


Complete Control of Your Striplights


When we say our app provides you with complete control of your striplights, we mean it. Once open, the app provides an easy to use color wheel that allows you to select from as many as 16 million hues and tones. There are even 50,000 different shades of white to choose from, so whether you want to set the lighting for a rowdy get-together or a romantic night in, you can choose precisely the grade of color you’re looking for.


Voice & Remote Controls


If everything we've spoken wasn't enough already, the Govee Home app also allows you to control your lights using your voice via Alexa, as well as to set up your striplights to turn on and off at preset times. The remote capabilities of the app mean that you can operate your lights even when you're not at home, meaning that RGBIC lights can actually be used to improve your property's security when you're not there.


So, Where Can I Find Out More About Govee RGBIC Strip Lights?


As we’ve discovered during this article, Govee RGBIC strip lights represent an evolution in home LED lighting, offering unprecedented choice of function and all at a cost that won’t break the bank. They’re such a versatile and stunning addition to any home, which is why they’re proving so popular with our customers.


The good news is that getting some RGBIC strip lights for yourself is super-easy. All you need to do is go to our website and take a look around. You’ll find a choice of different lengths of RGBIC strip lights, as well as our full selection of home and car lighting products. Remember, you won’t find these lights anywhere else, as they are a trademarked Govee product!


If you have any questions about our lighting products, you can visit our FAQ page where you can usually find the answers you’re looking for. Alternatively, email us at if you have a question that doesn’t appear there and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


We appreciate that you took the time out to read our blog. We hope that it has shown just how feature-packed and intuitive this innovative new lighting technology provides.