Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp

Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp [Energy Class F]

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Model: H6076

Charger: EU PLUG

This slim and minimalistic floor lamp is designed to modernize your home. Using RGBICWW technology, you can create a gorgeous collage of colors to brighten up any indoor living space.

  • Make Your Lights Dance With Music Mode
  • Hands-Free Voice Control
  • Innovative RGBICWW Technology
  • DIY Mode with 14 Segmented Color Controls
  • 28 Preset Scene Modes To Choose From

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We offer a two years limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp.

Product Guides and User Manual (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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Alejandro Mesa
Buena calidad y mucha diversión

Increible! Estoy maravillado con esta lámpara. Lo llego a saber y la compro antes.

Puntos positivos:
- Buenos materiales
- 1000 lúmenes son más suficientes para un dormitorio
- Infinidad de configuración de colores
- Se puede programar la hora de encendido / apagado
- Puedes encenderla con la aplicación móvil (incluso no estando conectado a la misma red que la lámpara!)
- La aplicación móvil ofrece muchas posibilidades de configuración y autmatización.

Punto a mejorar:
- Es dificil que la lámpara quede erguida en un ángulo recto perfecto en su totalidad, pero aún así, puedes moverla por diferentes partes e ir viendo. Tampoco es algo que moleste, pero lo comento para mejorar.

Robert Kirschner
Sehr ansprechend, nicht auffallend

Der Zusammenbau ist wirklich einfach. Wichtig ist, dass du die LED-Schlauch wirklich mittig ansetzt und dann nach unten und oben sanft streichst. Passt haargenau. Alles andere ist perfekt.

1 Lamp Fehlproduktions

Hello, I had bought two lamps, but the LED Stripe of one lamp was 2 centimeters too long and therfore it cannot be used. How can i send these back? Your Support has not reponded to my first email.
Please provide information on this. Thanks very much

Reviewer avatar
Govee Lyra Lite Floor Lamp (H6076) - Full Review

📦 1. What's in the box? 📦

You get:
1 Metal Slot with a top
3 Metal Slots
3 Metal Connecting Parts
1 Silicone Strip Light
1 Base with a control box
1 Power Adapter
16 + 2 extra screws
1 Screwdriver
1 Quick Start Guide
1 User Manual
and as usual the service card

✏ 2. Specs ✏

Model: H6076
Light Color: RGBICW (RGB and warm white)
Color Temperature: 2200K
Lumen: 1000lm
Control Method: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Control box, App
Adapter Input: 100 - 240V
Lamp Input: 24V/1A

🔨 3. Installation 🔨

I used the video for the installation which was very helpful. First you mount the lamp mast, you can do that on the table or in the base. I did it in the base, first you insert a metal slot into the base and attach it with two screws, then you use a metal connecting piece, make sure that the lower holes are smaller than the upper ones and attach with two more screws, do this twice again until you finally insert the metal slot with the top and attach it again with two screws. This step was very easy and made fun, but you couldn't see where the holes were so I sometimes had to use a flashlight to see the holes.
Next you take the silicone strip and connect the wires of the light strip with the wires in the connection of the lamp base, it is important that the wires should be connected according to color. At the step I was a bit confused because the colors were in a different order on the video, but managed to do it anyway. Then make sure that the cables are in the base and push the silicone strip into the lamp pole. The step wasn't that easy, because it somehow didn't work properly to get the wires into the socket because they kept separating from the silicon wire and the socket wire, but then I got it in. You had to push the silicone strip into the lamp pole with a bit of force so that it stays there and does this with the rest of the strip.
Finally you plug the adapter into a socket, connect it to the control box and you're done!

📱 4. Govee Home App 📱

If you want to control it with the Govee Home app. You connect the Lyra Lite by clicking the "+" in the top right corner, entering the model name (H6076) or going to Indoor Lighting -> Floor Lamps -> Lyra Lite Floor Lamp. Now you can see the Bluetooth device, click on it, then you can give the Lyra his own name.
Then the new device tries to connect to the WiFi and you're done.

📱 5. Control with Govee Home App 📱

Like on every other device from Govee, there are again 4 modes to choose from:

- music
- colour
- scene

🎵 5.1 Music mode 🎵

In the music mode, as the name suggests, the Lyra Lite reacts to music or noises like every other Govee device.

You can adjust which device should hear the sounds and control the sensitivity (the microphone at the control box and the phone microphone).

9 more modes are available:
- Energetic
- Rhythm
- Bounce
- Hopping
- Strike
- Spray

3 more modes are available: (only with handy mic):
- Party
- Dynamic
- Calm

🔴🟢🔵 5.2 Color mode 🔴🟢🔵

In the color mode you can set many things. First of all, you can set the color and brightness of each individual area by the Floor lamp.

Next you can set your colors in a color line, as well as in a warm / white line, but you can also do it in the color wheel.

Note: The Lyra Lite only has W in, it stands for warm white, so it has accurate warm white colors, a cooler white is possible but it looks a little bit blue and not accurate. If it has WW then it would be the cooler whites accurate.

🎄 5.3 Scene mode 🎆

In the scene mode you can select 60 different scenes:

- Movie
- Tunnel
- Free time
- Night light
- Piano
- Firework
- Work
- Studies
- Technology
- Sweets
- Game
- Electro dance
- Collection
- Release
- Fight
- Swing
- Stacking
- Bouncing ball
- Bubble
- Blossom
- Rainbow
- Meteor
- Fire
- Sunrise
- Sunset
- Ripple
- Cherry blossoms
- Forest
- Karst
- Glacier
- Sea
- Journey of flowers
- Downpour
- Rustling leaves
- Morning
- Night
- Volcano
- Dreamland
- Happy
- Rush
- Heartbeat
- Romantic
- Sweet
- Dreamlike
- Light
- Tenderness
- Warm
- Profound
- Leisurely
- Halloween
- Christmas
- Mothersday
- Fathersday
- Carnival
- Birthday
- Valentinesday

🎨 5.4 DIY mode 🎨

In DIY mode you can be surprised with many color functions by creating them yourself.

You can give your DIY a name, give it an icon and add it to a group.

Here you have 10 effects:

- graffiti
- fading
- breathe
- jumping
- stacking
- crossing
- rainbow colors
- spray
- combo
- music

The speed can also be changed and at the bottom you can choose your colors.

✅ 6. Pros ✅

- high quality metal
- very satisfying & easy installation
- very bright
- give each individual area a color and brightness
- a lot of music modes & scenes
- one button to change brightness and to turn on and off
- 2 extra screws for people who can't find screws anymore

❌ 7. Cons ❌

- you ...