Outdoor Lights

A Vibrant Outdoor Experience

Brighten your backyards, porches, patios, or cars with our vivid bulb string lights, car lights, or strip lights to easily decorate your space. These lights are also perfect for displaying festive colors for your favorite occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas, and more!

Picture of Govee Christmas String Lights
Picture of Govee Christmas String Lights

Govee Christmas String Lights

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Outdoor String Lights & Strip Lights

Govee's outdoor string and strip lights decorate your house, walls, and patios with colorful, cozy lighting. The app-controlled RGBIC strip lights adhere and display multiple colors. Both are durable, waterproof, and simple to install.

Uses: Perimeter lights, house lights, wall lights, patio lights, etc.

Best Sellers: Govee Permanent Outdoor lights Pro, Govee RGBICWW 32.8ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights and Govee Wi-Fi RGBIC Outdoor Strip Lights.


Which outdoor lighting is the best?

The best kind of outdoor lighting depends on individual preferences and specific needs. A few popular options include our bulb string lights for a charming ambiance, pathway lights for safety and aesthetics, and spotlights for highlighting focal points. Consider factors such as durability, energy efficiency, lighting type, style, and safety features when choosing the best outdoor house lighting for your space. Ultimately, the ideal outdoor lights will enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor area while aligning with your personal preferences and requirements.

Which lights are good bright outdoor lights?

It's important to consider lights with adjustable brightness, wide beam angles, and durability in outdoor conditions. Outdoor LED lights are recommended for their brightness, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. Additionally, smart outdoor lighting features such as timers can enhance convenience and energy efficiency.

What are the best lights for decorating outdoor spaces?

The best lights for outdoor decorating include LED string lights, pathway lights, floodlights, lanterns, solar-powered lights, spotlights, LED strip lights, and more. These options offer versatility, charm, and the ability to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of your outdoor space.

Are LED exterior lights better for outdoor use?

LED lights are better for outdoor use for the following reasons: 1. Energy Efficiency: LED outdoor lighting is highly energy-efficient and consumes less power, resulting in lower electricity bills. 2. Long Lifespan: They have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, reducing the need for frequent replacements. 3. Durability: LED lights are also durable, designed to withstand outdoor conditions, and resistant to shocks and temperature variations. 4. Weather Resistance: Waterproof outdoor lights can withstand moisture, rain, and UV exposure. 5. Additional Features: LED lights provide instant illumination, offer design flexibility, and have enhanced safety features with minimal heat production.

What are the best waterproof ratings for outdoor lights?

The best waterproof ratings for outdoor lights are IP65 or higher. This ensures protection against dust and resistance to water jets, making them suitable for most outdoor environments. However, for areas with heavy rain or direct water exposure, a higher IP rating, such as IP67 or IP68, is recommended for superior water resistance and durability.