Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control
Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control
Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control
Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control
Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control
Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control
Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control

Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control

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Model: H7101

Charger: EU 2-PIN PLUG

This smart tower fan will circulate the air in your home whenever you need it. Adjust the speed and schedule the time your fan stays on without lifting a finger.

  • Smart Control: Compatible with Govee Home App and voice assistants.
  • 8 Speeds and 3 Modes: Normal, nature, and sleep mode.
  • Auto Mode: Adjust the fan speed automatically with the thermo-hygrometer.
  • Variety of Features: Timers, safety lock, auto mode, and more.
  • Low Noise: 38dB for an undisturbed sleep.

We offer a two years limited warranty from the date of purchase for Refurbished Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control.

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Govee Black Smart Tower Fan (H7101) - Full Review #2

- auto mode doesn't exist on touch panel
- fan base moves a bit if you're touching the panel

10. My opinion

Govee's Smart Tower Fan brings a lot of fresh air and the nature mode is really impressive. The unique touch panel is also a good feature, this is one of Govee's first touch panels. The Glow Table Lamp has a very small touch panel, but it cannot be compared to this large one here. I think there is still a lot to be done in the touch panel area, what could be added would be noise when you click on the touch panel to make it look even more futuristic. What I would also have to complain about, as I have already described in the cons, would be that unfortunately you do not have the choice of auto mode or setting all speeds to it. A bug I mentioned above is in the app, when you go to sleep mode, only the theme changes in the app, instead of something on the fan. My final point would be to improve the stability of the fan, since when I press something on the touch panel, it shakes a bit. Otherwise, this product Govee is very successful, I will divide my top 10 list into 2 more areas, because I think there will be many more Govee Smart Home Appliances. The first area would be Top 10 Govee Lighting Products and the second would be Top 10 Govee Smart Home Appliances. Since this is my first review of a Govee home appliance, I'll lower the score a bit to see if future products outperform the fan.

8.0 / 10.0

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Govee Black Smart Tower Fan (H7101) - Full Review

📦 1. What's in the box? 📦

You get:
- 2 base plates
- 1 tower fan
- 1 pre-installed screw nut
- 1 user manual
- 1 quick start guide
- 1 unique service card

✏ 2. Specs ✏

Model: H7101
Oscillation: 75°
Speed Levels: 8
Power Voltage: 230 - 240V* (!)
Rated Power: 37W
Net Weight: 3.1kg / 6.84lb
Control Method: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Touch Panel, App

*Note: The plug can't go into a smart power strip, because the strip has less voltage than the device. I looked onto my power strip and it only supports up to 240V, so the fan, so don't plug it into a strip, very important!

🔨 3. Installation 🔨

So the installation was a little bit hard to understand, however it still worked. For the first step you need to assemble the front base plate and the rear base plate together as a whole. For the next step there is this red plastic nut on the fan, remove it and pass the power cord through the hole of the base plate. Now to the third step: fast the base plate onto the fan body, take the screw nut and put it into the cord and tight it with the base plate. For the last step you can fix the power cord into the buckle of the base plate, place the fan on a level surface, plug the cord into a POWER OUTLET and turn it on!

📱 4. Govee Home App 📱

If you want to connect it with the Govee Home app, then follow these steps:
Connect the fan by clicking the "+" in the top right corner, entering the model name (H7101) or going to Home Appliances -> Heating & Cooling -> Smart Tower Fan. Now you can see the Bluetooth device, click on it, then you can give your fan his own name.
For the last step the fan tries to connect to your WiFi, done!

🕹 5. Control with touch panel 🕹

To control the Smart Tower Fan you can either use the Govee Home app or the nice touch panel. On the picture you can see different numbers I draw:

1. On / Off Button for fan
2. On / Off Button for Oscillation
3. Modes Button (Normale, Nature, Sleep)
4. Timer Button (1H, 2H, 4H)
5. Speed Button (1, 5, 8)

On the top you can see three more icons, on the left it says that the WiFi is connected, the middle one says that you have a timer set in the app if it is white and the last one says that safety lock is on if it is white.

📱 6. Control with Govee Home App 📱

So the tower fan control screen in the app really got me! There are 4 + 1 modes to choose from:

- normal
- sleep
- nature
- custom
- auto (you can get this mode if you have a thermo-hygrometer from Govee)

🌬 6.1 Normal mode 🌬

So in the normal mode you can select the speed from 1 - 8, the db are able to find in the 7th part.

💤 6.2 Sleep mode 💤

So the sleep mode is very buggy, because it just changes the theme on the app, but it doesn't do anything to the fan itself. You can also have your speed level at 8 if you have it on the normal mode and then switch to sleep mode again. Yeah, good night with speed level 8!

🌲 6.3 Nature mode 🌲

The nature mode is INSANE! I can't really describe it very well, but imagine you're outside and you feel the wind on you're body, maybe the video describes it better. If you'd like to have the same effect when you're outside and it's windy for example, then go for this mode, I definitely like it a lot!

▶️ 6.4 Custom mode ⏩️

In Custom mode you can switch the wind speed and duration and the oscillation on and off for the first two actions. With the third action you can do the same, but here the fan stays on all the time.

🔄 6.5 Auto mode 🔄

The auto mode is only available if you have a thermo-hygrometer. Here you have two options:

Auto-On: Change the temperature and the speed. If the temperature goes above the temperature you have set, then it will be turned on.
Auto-Keep: If the speed is too low that you have set in the Auto-On option then you can keep the fan on in this option, I would recommend to change it here to speed level 8.

More functions (Available for all modes):

- Oscillate: If you want to turn on or off the rotate function
- Scheduling: If you want to have a specific time that the fan should turn on or off
- Timer: If you want to have a countdown how long the fan should be on or off
- Lock: If you want to lock the touch panel on the fan
- Indicator light: If you want to have the light on or off

🔉 7. Noise level 🔊

So in the last part I check the noise level with a sound level meter and the speeds 1, 5 & 8:

Speed 1:

In front of fan: 60 decibels
2m / 6,73ft away: 35 decibels

Speed 5:

In front of fan: 70 decibels
2m / 6,73ft away: 45 decibels

Speed 8:

In front of fan: 90 decibels
2m / 6,73ft away: 60 decibles

Please note that the dbA switches sometimes and is different between some sound meters.

✅ 8. Pros ✅

- unique touch panel
- can rotate to 75 degrees
- nature mode feels like real wind
- pairable with a thermo-hygrometer
- easy installation
- 8 speed levels

9. Cons

- on touch panel there are only the speeds 1, 5 & 8 availab...

Alexander Nijborg
Good product, great features.

The Fan look nice, is easy to assemble and operation is smooth. Quiet on lowest setting and powerful on highest. Other functions are also Handy. Swing mode is not noisy and I like that operating lights can be turned off.
App works fine and coupling is easy. Google Home assistant operations also works as expected. Turn on/off and power setting. Did not yet find out if I can set the timer by assistent, but this can be done via app.

Govee support was great. When DHL failed to deliver my package a new one was shipped immediately. Thanks for that.


Govee Black Smart Tower Fan with Wi-Fi App Control