New: Transform Gaming Area and Party Venues with RGBIC Strip Lights

August 9, 2022

Advancements in technology over the past century have provided effective solutions like tinted windows and automated blinds that offer you control over the intensity of light that enters into your living space. Unfortunately, choosing the color that surrounds us has always been elusive. From Edison's bulb to fluorescent, analog LEDs, and now digital LEDs, the search for the most effective solutions to take control of lighting has spanned for centuries.

Govee’s RGBIC Strip Lights

Recently, we released one of the most advanced strip lights in the market known as RGBIC Strip Light. RGBIC, a trademark registered by Govee, features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip that enables the display of multiple colors on one strip simultaneously. We implanted this highly advanced IC chip in an in-house designed and developed LED strip light to provide users unparalleled control over the color and brightness of light in their gaming areas and party venues. It is ideal for transforming and setting the perfect mood for gaming or party. RGBIC Strip Light can also be used for DIY color lighting and decorations, such as kitchen ambiance, Christmas tree, and picture framing.

At Govee, we are excited to exploit our expertise in LED strip light technology and cutting-edge built-in IC chip to help gamers and party hosts to take control and fulfill all their lighting needs and desires. One of the most important components is IC chips, which implemented directly into the flexible circuit board along the length of the LED strip at specific intervals to create segments that can be activated and controlled independently. RGBIC Strip Light is powered by connecting directly to a socket within the home using a specially designed 240 V adapter. Users can regulate the color and brightness to customize their experience using three control options; Govee Home App, Control Box, or Remote RF Control. We specifically designed the app with a color scale to make it easier for users to customize the colors and brightness more effectively and set the desired mood, sophistication, ambiance, and aesthetics instantly. The Remote and Control Box was designed intuitively to be user-friendly for enhanced usability and deliver the best experience.

Product Features

Ø The Strip: RGBIC strip (H6143) is white, 16.4 ft. (5 meters) in length, and is mounted with the most important lighting components like LEDs, in-built IC chip, and ultra-sensitive mic.


Ø In-Built IC Chip: The IC (Independent Control) chip enables the mixing of three basic colors, red, green, and blue, using LEDs to emit colors across the spectrum just like a rainbow. The cutting-edge IC (Independent Control) chip we implemented in our strip lights is what differentiates RGBIC Strip Light with other RGB products. The chip enables simultaneous display of multiple colors on the same line, which is superior compared to the single color displayed by RGB strips.

Ø Ultra-Bright LEDs: RGBIC strip lights use ultra-bright 5050 LEDs and produce much more vibrant multi-colors.

Ø Microphone: RGBIC strips are designed with built-in high sensitive mic, which enables the vibrant light emitted by LEDs to sync to ambient music beats or any other sound. Users can pick from 4 Music Modes; Energetic, Rhythm, Rolling, and Spectrum. With these modes, users can set the desired party mood instantly.

Ø Govee Home App: The app is designed to offer users control over different segments along the strip via Bluetooth. For color selection, users can slide their fingers on a color scale to choose the desired color instantly. Gove Home App can also be used to regulate the brightness of light emitted in each segment to attain the perfect ambiance. Users can also set a timer on the app for the lights to turn on as an alarm that wakes them up gently with vibrant colors.  

Ø Control Box: We designed a user-friendly control box to offer users an easy and effective way to power on and off or to regulate the colors and brightness emitted by each segment to their liking. The control box has three perfectly positioned buttons for Power, Segment control, and Brightness control. 

Ø Bluetooth: RGBIC Strip Light is Bluetooth enabled. Users can use Govee Home App in their smartphone to control colors and brightness from anywhere in the home within the range.

Ø Remote: The remote control provids substantial distance to operate RGBIC Strip Light within the home.

Ø Power Adapter: The adapter is designed with a plug-in to transmit the working voltage of AC 100 - 240V and power output of 12V directly into the strip.

RGBIC Strip Light is designed to be used indoors, and it is not waterproof. Also, it can work perfectly in a wide temperature range from -5℃ to 40℃ (23℉ to 104℉).

How to Transform Gaming Area and Party Venues using RGBIC Strip Light

Unlike other RGB products that require a 3-step installation, users can set up RGBIC Strip Light quickly in two simple steps. The Control Box is connected to one end, and the power adapter is connected to the other end, and the strip is ready for use. For transforming the gaming area, RGBIC Strip Light is installed onto the TV cabinet or behind the TV to backlight the wall on the background and enhance the gaming experience. It is a great way to create the desired gaming mood quickly. RGBIC Strip Lights are highly flexible and can be easily installed on the cabinet or the backside of TVs without the risk of damage or interference. For party décor, RGBIC Strip Lights are extremely versatile and can be installed easily anywhere within the room designated as the venue of the party to define the theme, style, and mood of the party. They can also be used to make lighting fixtures to highlight certain areas or wrapped them around objects to create an aesthetic piece of lighting. For enhanced party experience, the user can synchronize RGBIC strip with the music using Govee Home App to pick from the four modes and set the party mood to either energetic, rhythm, rolling, or spectrum.

 At Govee, we believe in providing people with the tools they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. We transform living spaces with RGBIC lighting technology by engineering the visions of gamers and party hosts into innovative solutions. Apart from setting the perfect mood for gaming and parties, we are driven with the passion to provide solutions that enable everyone to exploit the benefits of living in a vibrant and colorful using LED technology. Whether it is for gaming, party, picture-framing, kitchen lighting, Christmas tree, or overall home décor, you can always rely on RGBIC Strip Lights. Visit Govee RGBIC LED string lights to take control of all your lighting needs.