Smart Lamps

Expansive Living Room Ambiance

These smart lamps serve as a decorative lighting centerpiece for your living room, bedroom, or home office. With DIY mode and exciting music modes, these lamps will complement any atmosphere for reading or partying.
Picture of Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp
Picture of Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp

Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp

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Picture of Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp
Picture of Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp

Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp

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Picture of Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp
Picture of Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

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14% Off
Picture of Govee Floor Lamp 2
Picture of Govee Floor Lamp 2

Govee Floor Lamp 2

50€ Off

Floor Lamp & Standing Lamp

Govee corner lamps are versatile standing lamps, ideal for use as bedroom or living room floor lamps. These modern floor lamps combine style and functionality, providing ambient illumination while enhancing your room's decor. Uses: Corner Lamp, floor lamp for bedroom, floor lamp for living room, etc. Best Sellers:Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp,Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp,Govee RGBICWW Cylinder Floor Lamp


What are the best lights for nighttime?

The best lights for nighttime may vary depending on individual preferences. Generally, soft, warm lighting is recommended to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere before bed. Dimmable table or desk lamps or corner floor lamps with warm white, red or yellow bulbs are popular choices as they provide adequate illumination without causing excessive brightness that can disrupt sleep patterns.

Is it ok to sleep with a night light?

According to most studies, keeping a night light on while sleeping may lead to heightened stress, fatigue, and decreased melatonin levels. However, choosing modern night lights that emit a soft and dim light, preferably in warm tones, may provide comfort and security for some kids or adults, especially in a dark environment.

Does a bedroom need a floor lamp?

Floor lamps are an excellent lighting option to establish a cozy and inviting atmosphere in bedrooms. Compared to a floor ring light, the Govee Smart LED Floor Lamp has several advantages. First, it features RGBIC lighting effects, which means it can produce multiple colors and create different atmospheres throughout the room. Additionally, the Govee lamp offers various scene modes, allowing you to easily adjust the lighting according to your preferences. Moreover, it has a music mode that syncs the lighting with the rhythm of the music, adding a dynamic and immersive experience to your bedroom. Overall, the Govee Smart LED Floor Lamp provides plenty of versatility and customization options.

What are the difference between corner lamps and floor lamps?

A: Here are the main differences between corner lamps and floor lamps:  Corner lamps are designed to sit in a corner and provide localized lighting to a specific area. They have an L-shaped design to fit neatly into corners.  Floor lamps stand directly on the floor and are typically 4-5 feet tall. They provide general illumination and can light up a larger area. Floor lamps can be moved around easily. Govee's smart corner lamp also works well as a floor lamp. Even with a compact and simple design, it provides the ample illumination of a floor lamp thanks to bright, adjustable LEDs. You can set it up in the bedroom, living room, or any room in your home.

Are smart lamps worth it?

Smart lamps like Govee RGBICW smart corner floor lamps are worth it for their convenience, versatility, and energy efficiency. With smart functionality, you can control the lighting remotely, set schedules, and adjust brightness/color through voice commands or Govee Home App. They also offer a wide range of customizable DIY modes and preset scene modes and can integrate with smart home systems to create a gorgeous collage of colors to brighten up any indoor living space. Additionally, smart lamps often use energy-efficient LED bulbs, allowing you to save money on energy costs. In general, the best smart lamps are an excellent investment for all your daily lighting needs.