What’s the Govee Affiliate Program &
Why Should I Join?
You love introducing others to amazing products that will brighten their world! Why not let that same passion also give back to you?!!

Whether you’re a shop owner, blogger, streamer, content creator, or buy-in-bulk business, get your own Govee affiliate link or custom code and earn up to 10% commission, plus access other great perks such as exclusive coupons, official promotional materials, and potentially even free products to test! Simply complete the application form through the platform below, and if accepted, you’ll be on your way to earning a whole new income stream via the best lighting & smart tech out there.
Ready to Join & Start Earning?
What Can You Get?
Up to 10% Commission
on Valid Sales
Custom Affiliate
Link or Code
Full 30-day
Referral Window
Free Products &
Exclusive Discounts*
Latest Promotional
Exclusive Affiliate
What Can Your Fans/Customers Get?
Extra Discounts on a
Wide Range of Products
30-day Money-back
Guarantee (No Questions Asked)
Free Shipping
on All Orders
Shipping of Products within
1 Business Day after Purchase
Support for "Buy Now. Pay Later."
through Klarna & PayPal**
Support for
Apple Pay in All 4 Stores
*Access to and availability of free products and exclusive discounts are based on campaign plans, release schedules, stock availability, and affiliate type & metrics
**Support for “Buy Now. Pay Later.” via Klarna & Paypal is only available in select countries
How to Join the Govee Affiliate Program
Want To Know Even More? Here’s An FAQ
What is the Govee Affiliate Program?

The Govee Affiliate Program has been crafted to partner with select individuals or groups who have created high-quality content sites, online shops, live streams, or social feeds & fanbases, to generate additional sales traffic. Affiliates are provided with marketing assets and support to assist in connecting audiences and customer basis with Govee's products, and in return, Affiliates earn commission on eligible sales. In addition, Affiliates gain access to exclusive affiliate newsletters that include updates on new products, seasonal promotions, testing events, and more.

Why Partner with Govee?

By partnering with Govee, you can seamlessly connect your fans or customers with the Govee products they are searching for. Not only does this enhance their shopping experience, but we also offer compensation for your efforts in driving sales.

What Does It Cost to Join?

Becoming a Govee Affiliate is completely free, and you can stop participating at any time.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you apply, you'll receive an email if your application has been accepted. You will then be able to find assets on your Govee Affiliate page, which is managed by our Govee Affiliate Manager on the Impact/Awin platform. The assets on this page will be regularly updated to reflect new promotions and other updates.

How Much Can I Make?

Commission rates will vary based on the number of visitors that arrive to govee.com via your link clicks, the number of visitors who use your code, and how much each visitor spends. By creating an Impact account, you will have access to a comprehensive menu of detailed web-based reports, and these reports will assist you in effectively monitoring your earnings and performance.

How Can I Maximize The Amount I Earn?

• Create customized Govee-focused content that resonates with your audiences. • Give Govee a prominent presence & placement on your website, ensuring easily visible and accessible to your visitors. • Use correct referral links, ads, or codes to successfully direct your audiences to govee.com so we can accurately track your sales and pay you the referral fees you're owed. • Make sure your website or social links are well-maintained and always available, allowing visitors to easily use the links to access govee.com.

What Responsibilities Does Govee Have?

Govee will provide all necessary creative assets, tools, and support to help you establish yourself as an Affiliate. Additionally, we will handle all aspects of orders, shipping, billing, customer service, and sales reporting. We will also ensure timely payment of your commissions.

Have Additional Questions?

You can contact us any time via our affiliate@govee.com email and we'll be in touch as soon as possible!