Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp

Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp [Energy Class G]

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Control Method


Model: H6055 & H6058

Charger: EU 2-PIN PLUG

A light as alluring and versatile as it is portable. From creating a candle-like dining ambiance to lighting up outdoor evening picnics, to being a trusted bedside reading companion, StarPal is here to light up all your most special moments no matter where they take place.

  • Unplug-And-Go Portability
  • DIY Effect Customization
  • 32+ Gorgeous Scene Modes
  • Music Sync Mode
  • Sleep and Wake Timers
  • Physical Button + App Control

We offer a two years limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp.

Customer Reviews

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Aleksandar Sarkanjac
Perfect ambiental table lamp!

Absolutely awesome, beautifully diffused light which looks outstanding in person, images simply don't do it justice.
Especially with all the color and brightness customizability, plus the unintrusive design, it fits anywhere.
I bought 2 - one for my office/gaming setup, and one for a bedroom dresser next to a large plant - and they both fit and look amazing in such very different spaces.

If there's one thing I'd change, or actually add, is some kind of small physical remote that lets you toggle basic functions like brightness and cycling through preset colors.
It can get a bit annoying having to open an app, wait for it to sync, choose which lamp to control, just to lower the brightness slightly.
Button on the lamp only lets you cycle through preset colors and turn it off/on.
There should be a way to quickly control these basic functions like brightness, and a small remote that does this would 100% make this the most perfect lamp ever! 😁


Io le uso principalmente in accoppiata con il TV nella sezione Sync, le luci si illuminano in base ai colori dello schermo TV. L'ambilight è servito. In questo modo la batteria dura davvero tanto.

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Govee Portable Table Lamp (H6058) - Full Review

📦 1. What's in the box? 📦

You get:
- 1 table lamp
- 1 adapter
- 1 user manual
and of course like for every Govee product: the service card

✏ 2. Specs ✏

Model: H6058
Light Color: RGBWW
Color Temperature: 2200K - 6500K
Lumen: 350lm
Control Method: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Button Control, App
Battery Capacity: 3350mAh (4h)
Adapter Input: 100 - 240V
Lamp Input: 12V/1A

🔨 3. Installation 🔨

The installation is like for every table lamp very easy. First you connect the adapter to the lamp via a type DC charging port connection, you plugging it behind the lamp where the "circle" is. There is also a little hole which is a microphone, you can this is for the music mode, coming to that later. Now you can turn the Aura Lite on.

📱 4. Govee Home App 📱

For the next step you have to go to the Govee Home app. You connect the StarPal by clicking the "+" in the top right corner, entering the model name (H6058) or going to Indoor Lighting -> Table Lamps -> Govee portable table lamp. Now you can see the Bluetooth device, click on it, then you can give the Portable Lamp his own name. I gave him by the way the name: milk bowl which means in German Milchschüssel, because it looks very similiar like that.
Then the new device tries to connect to the WiFi like usual and you're done.

🕹 5. Control with buttons 🕹

To control the StarPal you can use the Govee app or the button on the lamp. The button is a bit tricky to find, it's under the table lamp. If you switch the lamp on for the first time then you have to press the button for three seconds, you can switch it off by holding it down for 2 seconds. To switch colors you must press the button only one time.

Note: If you're holding the button for 2 seconds then it turns off, BUT in reality it is in sleep mode, which is not good because in sleep mode the lamp can lose battery. So if you want the table lamp completly off you must press and hold the button for 10 seconds (if you want to check that you did it correctly: the light will flash with blue twice)

📱 6. Control with Govee Home App 📱

Like on every other device from Govee, there are again 4 modes to choose from:

- music
- color
- scene

🎵 6.1 Music mode 🎵

In the music mode, as the name suggests, the Aura Lite Table Lamp reacts to music or noises like every other Govee device.

You can adjust which device should hear the sounds and control the sensitivity (the microphone at the lamo and the handy microphone).

2 more modes are available:

- Dynamic
- Calm

3 more modes are available: (only with phone mic)

- Party
- Dynamic
- Calm

🔴🟢🔵 6.2 Color mode 🔴🟢🔵

In the color mode you can set the colors you want on the table lamp. Next you can set your colors in a color line, as well as in a warm / white line, but you can also do it in the color wheel, which is available on every Govee device.

🌨 6.3 Scene mode 🎆

In the scene mode you can select 32 different scenes:

- Hill
- Corn field
- Canyon
- Deep sea
- Flower field
- Firefly
- Karst
- Morning
- Night
- Lightning
- Universe
- Campfire
- Moon light
- Night light
- Candle light
- Afternoon
- Alarm
- Dance
- Party
- Firework
- Read
- Disco
- Work
- Valentinesday
- Christmas
- Mothersday
- Halloween
- Warm
- Romantic
- Excitement
- Fading
- Energetic

🎨 6.4 DIY mode 🎨

In DIY mode you can be suprised with some functions by creating them yourself.

You can give your DIY a name, give it an icon and add it to a group.

Here you have 4 effects:

- fading
- breathing
- jumping
- combo

The speed can also be changed and at the bottom you can choose your colors.

✅ 7. Pros ✅

- cool stand which you can shine the lamp to wall
- unique milk bowly design
- unplug-and-go portability
- very bright
- lots of scenes

❌ 8. Cons ❌

- only completely turns off with button
- no RGBIC

9. My opinion

I can recommend the Govee Portable Table Lamp to anyone who likes unplug-and-go porability, but it's also for users who want to have their table lamp always plugged in. What I have to mention is that it unfortunately got no RGBIC and for example I want to turn it off with the Commando feature then it doesn't completely turns off, it's in standby, which needs some power. 9 / 10

Also I am making for every product I tested a list and show which product the best is.

🔟 Top 10 Govee Products 🔟

1. Govee Lyra Lite Floor Lamp - 10.0
2. Govee Aura / Lite Table Lamp - 9.5
3. Govee Portable Table Lamp - 9.0
4. Govee RGBIC Car Strip Lights - 8.5
5. Govee Glow Table Lamp - 7.5
6. Govee Glide Wall Light - 5.0

Leszek Bonik
Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp

Very, very great product. I love this light.