Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp
Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp
Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp
Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp
Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp

Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp

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Model: H6050

Charger: EU PLUG

It's time to enliven every room in your home with warm, colorful lighting. Govee Glow can help you do just that! Enjoy incredible smart features and effortless control.

• 16 Million Colors
• 1800K-3000K Color Temp
• Voice + App + Touch control
• 20 Light Effects
• Music Mode

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Product Guides and User Manual (PDF)

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Glow Table Lamp

1. What's in the box?

1 table Lamp
1 control box
1 adapter
1 user manual
and the service card

2. Specs

Model: H6050
Light Color: RGBWW
Lumen: 100lm
Color Temperature: 1800K - 3000K
Control Method: App, Control Box
Lamp Input: 12V/1A
Adapter Input: AC 100 - 240V
Power: 18W

3. Installation

The installion for the Glow Table Lamp is very easy. You plug the adapter into the socket, then lead the cable into the control box with the built-in microphone. Finally, you plug the other end of the cable into the back of the table lamp and you're ready to go.

4. Control with touchscreen buttons

To control the Glow you can either use the Govee Home app or the touchscreen buttons on the lamp. In this part I will focus on the touchscreen buttons. With the first button on the left you can switch the table lamp on and off. The two middle ones with the + and - you can adjust the brightness higher or lower. With the last button you can set the color.

5. Control with Govee Home App

Like on every other device from Govee, there are 4 modes to choose from:

- music
- colour
- scene

5.1 Music mode

In the music mode, as the name suggests, the Glow Table Lamp reacts to music or noises.

You can adjust which device should hear the sounds and control the sensitivity (the microphone at the control box and the handy microphone).
Three more modes are available:
- Party
- Dynamic
- Calm

Note: Party mode is only with the handy microphone available.

5.2 Color mode

In the color mode you can set all colors you want. Next you can set your colors in a color line, as well as in a warm / white line, you can also do it in the color wheel.

5.3 Scene mode

In the scene mode you can select 20 different scenes:
- Free time
- Night light
- Candle light
- Romantic
- Ocean
- Afterglow
- Forest
- Fading
- Energetic
- Aurora
- Fire
- Desert
- Morning
- Night
- Still
- Warm
- Dance Event
- Halloween
- Flashes
- Breath

5.4 DIY mode

In DIY mode you can be surprised with many color functions by creating them yourself.

You can give your DIY a name, give it an icon and add it to a group.

You have here 4 effects:
- breathe
- fading
- jumping
- combo

The speed can also be changed and at the bottom you can choose your colors.

6. Pros

- unique metallic design
- touch control
- voice control
- 20 scenes

7. Cons

- only 4 DIY effects
- only up to 100lm
- Light source is below: Means that it looks brighter below than on all surfaces of the lamp

8. My opinion

The Glow Table Lamp is perhaps the most beautiful table lamp from Govee and convinces with its unique metallic design. However, it is not exactly bright, has no RGBIC and the light source is at the bottom of the Glow, so that the Glow is brighter at the bottom than at the top.
Would I recommend it anyway? If you are looking for a table lamp with a breathtaking design, but not so much emphasis on brightness or that you can display several colors at the same time, then I can definitely recommend it. And that brings me to 4 / 5! Thanks for reading!

Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp

everything is fine. Wana point out that this lamp is more suited for bedroom/bedside. It is very mild for eyes and its not superbright at all. Works perfect with app. I dont have anything bad to say of it.

Not possible to change the speed of changing colors

The lamp overall is OK, although the sensor does not react instantly. So sometimes I have to touch it several times just to turn the lamp off or on. The biggest disappointment though is inability to control the speed with which the colors change. For example, there's night and leasure mode, but the colors are just changing too fast and it is not relaxing at all. I think it is a pretty easy fix so I hope this can be taken into consideration as soonest.

Sehr gut!

Überaus smarte Schreibtischlampen!