Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer

Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer

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Model: H5179

Monitor the temperature and humidity inside your plant terrariums, incubators, wine cellars, or bedroom with this smart thermo-hygrometer. Ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment for you and yours.

• Small, Portable Design
• Wireless App Monitoring
• High-Precision Sensor
• Instant Notifications
• 2-Year Data Export & Storage

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We offer a two years limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer.

Customer Reviews

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Jan Hussmann
Super wifi thermostat-hygrometer from Govee

Great wifi product. I use it in my guitar case, freezer and living room. Via mobile app you can follow differences in temperature and humidity. Very helpful. We just can't buy these in Denmark. 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰👍

Rabbi Jan Salzman
Quality construction and great support

I really like the app and this device but the buyer should be aware of some details: Both temp and humidity need roughly 15-30 minutes to stabilize so this is not suitable for rapidly changing conditions like "realtime" systems that need fast responses. The device supports both Bluetooth and WIFI but the device configuration can only be done using Bluetooth. WIFI is essentially a read-only interface. For example setting the alarm levels can only be done with Bluetooth. I was surprised that I could not set an alarm remotely using WIFI. Finally, today this device works with Alexa Home but not Google Home. I hope Govee will support Google Home by updating the app some day soon. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and I plan to buy several more to monitor my remote deer camp (with WIFI)
in the woods.

Ed Trumbull
Meets my needs

All I wanted was a WiFi thermometer that I could put in the engine compartment of my boat so I could check on the temperature from home. The marina has WiFi with a good signal. So far so good. Easy to check. I didn't want any bells and whistle, but I did set the alarm when I placed the thermometer. Not sure that it works since the temperature hasn't dropped that low yet. I can't confirm the accuracy but it seems close. I will likely buy one more to put in the cabin of my boat. It's only been in place for a week. If there are any negatives in the future I will update my review.

David J. Mitchell
Reliable Data

Image shows a sudden spike. Cord came loose showing temp drops. I was alerted and able to trouble shoot. Initially, I thought is was plugged in and just a temp spike. Device allowed me to monitor throughout the night. Once it hit above 20, I realized I still had a problem. I rechecked the plugs and realized it was loose. Without govee, I would not have realized for days.
-accurate readings: can see when someone opened the door for a brief moment.
-good presentation of information
-homescreen widget
-freezer temp can be monitored away from home

-alert is on phone only not device
-had to configure alert via android to give off sound
-loses wifi connectivity from time to time
-need an alert for when wifi loses connectivity
-settings only changed within Bluetooth range.

Overall worth the time and money. Easy for me to set up. Peace of mind. Saved me from a defrost.